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All about the three Ls

loco, local, locol

We love working with technology professionals who bring intriguing and elegant media experiences to consumers.

Our goal is to take complex technology and turn them into easy to use solutions for business problems. Consumer media technologies such as digital signage have demonstrated their value, but the next generation of consumer facing media technology must live within open ecosystems so that innovation can scale even easier and faster.

We provide a consumer media platform that is:

  • Nimble and easy to use, with a low cost of entry
  • Driven by modern open technologies such as WordPress and Kubernetes
  • Supporting modern system development and DevOps methodologies
  • Integrating with other digital presences and systems
  • Manageable at a large scale

With these tools, we will help you position your work for the present and the future, leveraging your expertise in open technologies and growing the scope of your work.

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