Case Studies

  • Scenario: Online Restaurant Menu

    Why This Scenario? With Full Site Editing, professionals are able to use blocks to customize entire pages and websites without the necessity of code. Here, we’ll take a look at how that can be achieved. Context Restaurant websites are typically a complex mixture of images and text that need to be balanced in a way […]

  • Case Study: Travel Agency

    Summary This case focuses on using WPs own tools and plugins to edit images. Professionals who are interested in WP’s block editor will find this useful. Context A travel agency located in a shopping mall wanted to expand its digital signage experience, and approached us for help. The photos and examples used are original material […]

  • Case Study: Greenfield Golf

    Summary This case looks at some of the hidden challenges to designing ads on a digital display, including working with non-standard screen resolutions and a range of quality in the images given. Context Greenfield Golf is a retail store that sells a variety of golf-related merchandise. This includes clothing, equipment, custom logo prints for golf […]

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