Knowledge Base Overview

Getting Started on the Locol System

The Locol digital signage system has an Administrator’s Portal for you to configure your screen locations, playlists, and hubs. You can get a free account by registering here.

You can create basic content for your digital signage right on the portal, such as uploading slides for your playlist or use WordPress’s block editor to create basic slides. You can also link your websites to your account and generate sophisticated content from your website that uses plugins that are installed on your website (see “how to” below).

We have tutorials to get you started building digital signs using the Locol system. The YouTube videos provide a quick introduction to our system, and the Knowledge Base articles expand on details and serve as reference documents:

Download our Locol Item Block plugin to link your WordPress website to our portal. Install the plugin into your website. See these tutorials to get started.

Video Tutorials