Product Launch

We are happy to announce that the Locol Digital Signage product is ready to leave beta. It has been running live workload since Christmas without problems. We have continued to refine the product and add documentation and tutorials, and we are ready to launch our platform.

Having said that, given this is a new market for our partners, we want to prioritize your needs and ensure a successful foray into this new territory.

For the WordPress professional who would like to try the digital signage market, let’s talk and we will work together to make you successful. We can pitch in from start to implementation, helping with your proposals, content build, and implementation.

We are also going to delay the implementation of subscription payments on our own site to prioritize product improvements. This will also give us a chance to hear from stakeholders about pricing that will work for everyone.

Lastly, we are starting a social media campaign to bring Locol to the attention of WordPress professionals. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or join our mailing list.

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