Digital Marketing & Digital Signage

Digital Marketing is a broad field with a broad mandate. The field encompasses SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Digital Advertising, and other campaigns such as Influencer Marketing, Email Campaigns, and Affiliate Programs. The mandate of Digital Marketing includes increasing the visibility and recognition of a brand among targeted audiences, generating leads and sales, […]

Running WordPress Without a MySQL Server: The Future of Simplicity and Portability

tl:dr: The WordPress Performance Team has released the SQLite Database Integration Plugin. However, the use of the plugin requires a working WordPress instance (with a MySQL database) to bootstrap the process. This blog post describes the process of using the SQLite plugin without requiring a MySQL server at all. Background WordPress has long been the […]

Securing WordPress with Docker Containers

Locol Media provides a WordPress tool that adds digital signage as a new market for WordPress professionals. We use docker containers in our own application for WordPress and other services. In particular, we see containers as the method to allow a Marketing Agency or WordPress professional to host their own digital signage environment for their […]

How to Set Up Digital Signage

Digital signs have been showing more usage in stores and restaurants, given their flexibility and more dynamic presentation. They’re certainly more noticeable and the benefits of technology are obvious. Setting up a digital sign can range in complexity and difficulty depending on your needs. This article will offer four different methods for you, ranging from […]

Managing a WordPress based SaaS System

TL;DR We are building a SaaS for digital signage for the WordPress community. Our platform is based on WordPress of course. There are interesting challenges in the building of a major system, such as a SaaS product, with WordPress as the base. We have implemented our own WordPress Site Management LifeCycle to manage these challenges. […]